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Life Without | tuohtiW efiL

There was once a lonely man, whose only friends were small wooden puppets. He talked to them, and took care of them, he even built tiny houses for them. One night, he heard a loud noise in his workshop, upon running downstairs and entering his workshop, he saw that all of his puppets were gone. The man was shocked, who would steal worthless puppets? After a few days, the man made more puppets, those ones disappeared too, the man started to think that this was some joke. He began to make a plan, he would make a new puppet, and then keep it in his bedroom.  That night, screams rang out through the village, when the guards barged into his house to see what was wrong, they found him dead, his throat had been slit, and the puppet was gone. 


  • Don't be overpowered.
  • Keep randomness low. 
  • Only control your characters. 

OC Form: 




Species: (Human, anthro, puppet.) 



Bio: (not needed for puppets.) 



Timoth - Me

Annabelle - Me 

Marcus - Me 


Sal - Me 


Dinn - Me 

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